Deliciously excited,

Elation lights up eyes.

Lighthearted twinkling spirits

Illuminate in surprise.

Gratified in happiness,

Heavenly in its delight.

Thrilled and embraced by rapture

Fulfilling the hearts are bright.

Undying moments blinking

Laughing happy eyes winking.

©Jacqui Slade

Give Me A Sunrise 

Give me a sunrise

of daydreams, new dawns

and horizons of

universal love.


Give me a sunrise,

each fresh beginning

born in auroras

of orange and pink.


Give me a sunrise,

awaken the world

and harmonise peace.


Unite with nature.

Give me a sunrise

a plethora of

clarity, clear skies

unify mankind


Give me a sunrise

our hope will shine through

our hope will shine through

our dreams will come true.


©Jacqui Slade

Tips To Conquer Depression – Tip 4

This is another simple little tip.

Simply treat yourself to a little bit of pampering from someone else.

No matter from sex you are or culture you are from go and have a haircut, shave, beard trim, manicure, pedicure, massage whatever type of personal grooming appeals to you.

If you have not got very much money save a tiny little bit every week even if it’s just 50p and save it towards that little goal. Also check hairdressers windows for models required, I recently had my hair cut and restyled for nothing as I saw a sign for models required and it is generally always a trainee cutting hair at the end of their training to gain their qualification, totally supervised and they do a good job.

I suggest this tip as it is actually good for your general well being to be spoiled and pampered by someone else like that. It makes you feel good and gives you a lovely little boost.

The Memory Puzzle 

Pictures are enigmas 

in retrospective blur,

recollect sepia

in playback to recur.


Enigmas and memories

in lost and faded words,

life a silent movie

once lived coloured and heard.


Memories and puzzles

wistfully recollect,

each a precious moment

to cherish and protect.


Endeared minutes captured

in futures reminisced,

cinematic thinking

of heartbeats that are missed.


©Jacqui Slade

My Week With Marilyn – Colin Clark 


My Week With Marilyn – Colin Clark

A little about the author – Colin Clark was born in October 1932.

His father was art historian Lord Clark of Saltwood. He was educated at

Eton and was a writer and filmmaker who specialised in television programs about the arts.

He was the third assistant director on the 1956 film – The Prince And The Showgirl.

He died in 2002.

My Week With Marilyn was first published as The Prince, The Showgirl And Me in 1995 by Harper Collins.

This copy of My Week With Marilyn was published in 2011 to tie in with the movie adaptation of the book by BBC Films.

My Week With Marilyn is essentially memoirs of Colin Clark that he wrote whilst working as the third assistant director on the 1956 – The Prince And The Showgirl, which started. Marilyn Monroe and Sir Laurence Olivier.

Colin Clarke was a young man in his early twenties at the time and it was his first job within the film industry. He had always been fascinated in the way films were made and as his father was a friend of Sir Laurence Olivier he eventually managed to get a job working on the film.

There was a big buzz about the film as at the time Sir Laurence Olivier was the greatest theatre actor and Marilyn Monroe the biggest movie star in the world was coming over to England to make the film.

Colin Clark’s account of the making of the film are fascinating not only does it give a real insight into the way movies were made and the film industry but it gives a firsthand account of the problems on the set and the well known difficult relationship between Sir Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe.

This book also gives an insight into Marilyn Monroe as a person and it is already known that she was a troubled person who took too many uppers and downers, taking one to counteract the other. She also suffered from mental illness and was a vulnerable person. The book also depicts how everybody seemed to want to control Marilyn yet all were unable to. She was infamously late all of the time for everything and what I felt when I was reading the book is that she really was completely clueless as to how this and her other behaviours affected and massively inconvenienced everyone else. It never crossed her mind.

She also could never remember her lines and it again is well known that often loads of takes had to be shot to get her to do one short scene right.

I was left feeling that the whole thing overwhelmed her having to concentrate on lines, expression, character as well as the dozens and dozens of people on set watching.

Sir Laurence Olivier thought she was completely unprofessional and intensely disliked her – as did everyone else who worked on the film except for Colin Clark.

What was really sad is that on the last day of filming Marilyn bought everybody on the set who had worked on the film a small gift and everyone threw it in the bin, that is how much she was disliked.

A fascinating insight into Marilyn as a person. I could not help feeling ( Despite being a fan of Marilyn) that she was quite a self obsessed person and I did think that somebody should have told her straight and told her to wise up, but sadly nobody did. I don’t think anybody really cared about her to really help her, all the friends that are known were really all just hangers on with their own agenda and too afraid to say anything that might upset her.

I thought it was a good honest account of time spent with Marilyn and I could not help wondering if Marilyn Monroe’s real problem could possibly have been Aspergers, because there is so much in her personality that indicates this.

This is a great biographical read and an essential read for people who are interested in Marilyn or those who are already fans.

Broken Mirrors 

Faces lie in shards  

broken on the floor,

reflecting something

not known anymore.


Faces lie in shards

splintered by a heart,

an image of love

shattering apart.


Faces lie in shards

mirroring a pain,

distorting a truth

hateful self disdain.



Faces lie in shards

echoing a past,

fragments of a dream

severed by the glass.


©Jacqui Slade



Icad2015 day 3 and the theme was – draw a map.

I wrote an acrostic haiku  poem – Map 


Map my destiny

And guide me to the future

Paths that I must walk

©Jacqui Slade

I then created my image for the theme based around my poem.

I thought Tarot cards are mapped out to predict a destiny.

So I designed a Wheel Of Fortune tarot card.

I bordered the sides of the image with DNA sequencing strands as our futures are all mapped out and predestined in our DNA 

This challenge inspired me to combine poetry, science and mysticism in a creative way.