Circle Square 

My circle is

really small

it is nearly


They are circles 

I am a square 

just don’t fit in

and I don’t care

My circle is

a tiny dot

but do I care 

no I think not

In my circle 

belongs my soul 

all my true loves

my dreams my whole 

Don’t need others

in their never end

circled bullshit

and their pretence

I could not be

circle or ring


to just fit in

Not caught up in

the circle rings

where acceptance

Is everything

I am a square 

so happily 

boxed in love 

with family.

©Jacqui Slade

One Random Act 

One random act of kindness 

no matter how big or small,

in helping one another 

in kind could just save us all.


Sharing love and happiness 

in a random act and smiles,

could spread thought and gratitude 

and selfishness be reviled.


Assisting other people 

and in showing them the way

could make all the difference 

to someone else’s day.


Show an act of your kindness

in respect and in some care,

if we all indulged in kindness 

the feeling of good is shared.


Do something and help change things

for all of the human race,

spread some love and happiness 

to all colours and all faiths.


One random act of kindness 

each day is all it will take,

if you want to change the world

such a difference it would make.


©Jacqui Slade

Good Morning Little Song Bird 

Good morning little song bird

in tune waking up the earth,

in your chirpy merriment 

the new day is in its birth.

in your little aria

all our harmonies embraced,

reminder of our nature

and all of our futures faced.

Every day sings a new song, 

all your melodies so shrill,

singing you look forward 

to each day in natures thrill.

Good morning little song bird

in our wakening of peace,

every day you give to us

your chanting and a release.

You’re lovely little song bird

in all of your feathered flight,

every morning we awake

your chirping gives us delight.

©Jacqui Slade

We All Want To Change The World 

We all want to change the world 

see humanity unfurled,

feel equality and peace 

and see the whole world at ease.


We all want to see a change 

heal the rifts of the estranged,

see all wars come to an end

and all races to be friends.


But however can this be?

This ideal humanity 

is in truth a fluffy dream,

a Utopian esteem.


We’re just animals of worth

the anti matter of earth,

a species we are all beasts

on this planet we all feast


on environments and greed

who slaughters all other breeds,

of life in our stupid quest

our intelligence the best.


When hatred has got no bounds

how can inner peace be found, 

how are humans ever true

when a life has no value?


Our impact is so distinct

in creatures we make extinct,

then we’ll murder each other 

no love for our own brothers.


So as far as eyes can see

no hope for humanity,

when money and shiny things

is what makes shallow hearts sing.


We all want to change the world,

but the world will be ok,

it will just keep on spinning

when we lie in our decay.


It’s people we must embrace

and not turn our other face,

to beliefs and poverty

we could all live happily 


If every life mattered more

than vengeance in death and war

it never evens the score 

it’s just money matters more.


©Jacqui Slade

Self Respect 

Have some self respect,

don’t let others words 

contaminate your 

esteem and take it.


Have some strength in heart 

don’t let it miss beats,

in sadness and pain

for those who break it.


Have a hand to hold

let true love unfold,

in comfort and kind

caring guide you when 


Life’s getting you down

don’t fall to the ground,

have a look around 

I’ll always catch you.


Have a little talk

to yourself, and don’t 

be meek let others 

take advantage of your


good spirits stand tall,

spurning jealousy.

The weak wallow in



trying to steal your 

beauty and nature,

because they’re feeling

bad about themselves.


Have some self respect,

hold your head high and

walk away from the

bitter hearts of hate.


©Jacqui Slade




we all will learn

and pay for our mistakes.



we will realise

in every heart that breaks.



we will all learn

that love cannot be spurned.



you will learn

my life can’t be adjourned 


you’re pushing me away

ignoring me today


my feelings always played

always my faults to blame



that day when we’ll 

choose to walk away

from hurt and blame that’s passed

unfair it cannot last.



you will see

just how much it’s hurt me

living with the price 

of someone’s else’s vice.


Your memories not the same

but it is yet I’m to blame 


You’ll choose to punish me 

for as long as I can see

into the future paths we’ll walk

of those times you won’t talk


Eventually you’ll see

how it was

it used to be

recapture memory


I won’t apologise

you’ll open up your eyes

one day maybe I hope 

and see the wider scope 


I had to walk away

from sorrow and from pain

Imprinted on our brains

I’d do the same again

I’d do the same again


I live with regret

of that life 

I could forget

but I can never close that door 

it’s with us forever more


It was the right thing

it tore us apart

and the wrong thing

breaking out hearts

I’d do the same again

I’d do the same again


©Jacqui Slade


Watch The Skies 

Watch the skies and 

transient shapes,

of clouds wispy

natured dreamscape.


Watch the skies its 

brilliance blue,

at dusks and dawns

orange pink hues.


Watch the skies in

darkest night,

guide your fears 

in the moonlight.


Watch the skies the

stars cosmos bright,


heavens tonight.


Watch the skies the

brightest of rays,

igniting glee

in sunny days.


Watch the skies

they’re beautiful,

nature in soul

so dutiful 


to peace, happiness and well being.


Watch the skies.

Watch the clouds.

Watch the dawns.

Watch the dusks.

Watch the moonlight.

Watch the stars.

Watch the sun.

Watch the heavens.





©Jacqui Slade