Missing You

You’ll never know
how much I’ve missed you.
It’s been so long since
I have kissed you,
or seen you smile
or seen you laugh,
I think of you
and I’m in half.
I long to put my
arms around you,
give you a hug
like I used to.
I miss the way
we used to row,
and how you would
call me a cow.
I miss our random
all the drama
and complications.
I miss cooking you
your favourite meal,
and you telling me
how you feel,
about the things
that really matter,
talk of clothes
and endless chatter,
watching movies
and tv shows
it’s all been lost
and my heart knows.
It’s all my fault
and I’m regretting
leaving you and
never forgetting
all those times
they’re precious things,
your memory
makes my heart sing.
And ache as well
it drives me mad
and all the time
I’m feeling sad.
but in time I
hope the future’s
graced and I
will see your
pretty face.

©Jacqui Slade


Bump In The Night

Houses never sleep.

They always have stories to

creak about. At night

you can hear them speaking. Their

voices a bump in the night.