Midnight Cocktail 

I drink a cocktail of moonlight

and my spirit is harmonised 

with the shadows and the whispers,
of the pallid waifs at twilight.


Intoxicated by starlight

my heart sparkles in its desire

ignited, the darkness guides me.

No fear, inhibitions swallowed.


Tripping through its luminous bow,

inebriated dancing

with silhouettes and laser beams

on a celestial dance floor.


The essence of the free party

in the afterglow of revelry,

hangs over in the ecstasy

and the lunacy of moonshine.


©Jacqui Slade


The deep sea mystery 

swathed in turquoise hues,

drowning in the relics

barnacles cling to stone.


The carved faces remain

statuesque and ancient.

In the watery depths

a monument plays host


to civilisations

lost. Aqueous eons

for discovery and to

fathom in their wonder


at the beauty of it

all and its creation.

In exploration and

waves history floats past.


©Jacqui Slade


Broken Eyes 

Promises of broken eyes, 

sadness splintered in their glaze.

Intentions bleed fractured tears,

for the loss of well meant days.


The pleading of broken eyes

in their desperation spark,

apologetic beacons

in the hope they’ll light the dark.


The sorrow of broken eyes

weep in oaths that they have snapped,

now betrothed to their feelings

of regret that they have mapped.


When broken eyes are sorry,

and their hollow words fulfilled.

Love will find its forgiveness,

wiping tears in its goodwill.


©Jacqui Slade

The Scent Of Dreams 

The scent of dreams

anaesthetise, slink 

eye lids flutter

like butterfly wings.

The breath of dreams

exhale in rhythm

with psychedelic

visions prophesies


The feel of dreams

cosset illusion,

sensing memories

nonsensical touch.


The hope of dreams

awakening from

it’s mortal slumber.

Destiny beckons.


©Jacqui Slade

Midnight Whispers 

Midnight; and the whispers begin

in wrought imagination. Veils 

 of shadows and darkening mist

the semblance of spectral breath.


Midnight; and the silhouettes walk

through the dispiteous nightmares.

The undertones of despair,

faint fragmented cries of the lost.


Midnight; and the raven skies fall,

in foreboding melancholy

and the aura of death. The

ghosts wander, insomniac souls.


Midnight; and purgatory talks

in wisp apparitions, torment

undying and the moonlight is

witness as the night dwellers weep.


©Jacqui Slade


The moon crescent is waxing,

pure illuminate and bright.

Shining effervescently, 

in its aura of the night.


In happiness its smiling,

incandescent in its gleam.

In all its natural beauty,

flawless radiance it beams.


Seas gravitate towards it,

in the passions of their tides.

Stars shimmering around it,

lucent glittered cosmic guides.


The moon shines on arrival,

desires arching for the night.

A lover of the darkness,

aired in luminous delight.


©Jacqui Slade

Tips To Conquer Depression – Tip 3

This is quite a common sense tip really but I think it’s actually really important.
Avoid drinking alcohol.
Don’t do it at all if you can help it.

Alcohol is a depressant.

You might think that it is your crutch and your friend but it is not.

It is a very slippery slope that will make you feel a whole lot worse.

The answers to your problems and the way to relieve your stress is not laying in the bottle of a bottle or glass.

Short term when you are having that one or two or however many drinks you might feel like your problems have been numbed but that is all just a very temporary fix and the more you drink the more depressed you will get and you will be a sad drunk  crying mess and that is the truth. 

When you sober up you will feel even more depressed and be hungover and feel like shit and possibly just repeat the whole process.

It is a depressant and take it from me because I know just how fucked up going down this route is!

Avoid alcohol completely it is the very last thing you need in your life if you are suffering from depression.
Your problems will not magically disappear, alcohol is not the answer 

If you are reading this to help someone who is depressed don’t try dragging them out for a drink!

Something nice to eat is a whole lot healthier and satisfying.