Archive | February 2020

Dream Intrusion

They came and infiltrated my dream.

Both of them intruding

on my peace of mind,

unwelcome in my slumberous

world and the mash up

of memories, lives we have lived

and me fleeing wakeful

and now asleep but alert with

the menacing infringement on

my right to have a good nights sleep.


They are there trying to keep

me as their own never letting go.

One trying to save me from the

other preparing me a meal

of revenge served cold.

but both ultimately are the same.

One passive but the aggression

matches the other louder mouth.

The words are controlling and

violent manipulations


to remind me that

I need to be saved from being

myself free and peaceful

so they can reign me back in

to be compliant to be quiet and

remould me into an empty

shell imprisoned by

gaslight choking

on their toxic breaths.

Smothering me with their hate.


My alarm goes off but it is

quieter than the panic I felt

during the surreal nightmare

of rapid eye movements

and the abductions of my dreams.

My eyelids want to close down

heavy in the disturbance

but wake wake wake it’s a new morning.

Leave that fear in the other


and don’t let it sleepwalk through the day.


The flaming beauty’s anticipated,
in preparation they make her a bed.
For all through the winter they have waited,
and they have nothing but hope in their heads;
of the departure of seasons of death.
Arranging a feast with fire in their hearts,
in optimism their belief is fed.
The renewal of life and a fresh start’s
prophetic in their art. They know their grief will part.

Fervid in dreams assurance is rooted,
in all the blessings that Brigid will bring.
Empyreal a Godess reputed,
her touch gives radiance to everything;
in her conception she is inspiring.
The wonder of love and life she donates,
is ablaze their desires are
Seeds of their wishes are planted they wait,
for spring its bloom ornate, in its grace they relate.

Gentle in nature orbs mother is mild,
her revival of spirits admired.
Protector of women and every child,
in her passion all violence is expired;
and in her healing all hurt is retired.
Prolific, gestating in her rebirth,
she casts away all the cold and tired;
nursing the sun she will give to the earth.
Lights flicker in their hearths, for Brigid and her worth.