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Moving On

Put that memory over there

in that box on the chair.

Pack it lovingly and feel

time slip away as you seal,

the box down with adhesive tape

and finally you can escape.

From all those things live in the past

and now you can move on at last.


©Jacqui Slade

Daisy Chain

Her love lives on a daisy chain 

linked together with joy and pain. 

Each petal dreaming of love true,

each stem her hope is reaching to 

try and uncover destiny

and see how good her life can be.


In the meadow sewing flowers  

she sits thinking of the hours,

she’s sat there wishing on her own   

that she didn’t have to be alone. 

Her wistful heart feels so hazy

so she picks another daisy.


She waits there under beating sun

for all her chains to be undone.   

She plucks from soft white flower head    

he loves me and her fears are shed.    

The petals strewn and cast aside 

she wears her daisy chain with pride. 

For all those lonely times have past  

as he comes striding through the grass.

His love for her worn in his eyes   

and now there’ll only be blue skies.

He comes with smiles and bottled wine 

he will become her valentine.


©Jacqui Slade


Her life is a keepsake

she keeps in her bottom drawer.

It is where she belongs,

In that time long past.


She holds tight to her reminder,

breathing in its smell,

feeling with her heart,

the softness and laughter.


She lives within an echo,

playing back each day

the deepest love she felt,

with the most searing pain.


Her eyes are somehow empty,

even when she smiles,

keeps in a little box,

a curling lock of hair.


She holds his little sleepsuit,

still clutching onto something,

that makes him feel real again,

It is all she wants.

©Jacqui Slade


We were as a mirror

I looked into your eyes,

and what I saw within them

took me by surprise.

I saw understanding

the doorway to your soul,

and I saw the sadness

and how it took its toll.

Things that you had treasured

those little things that smile

crouching in a corner

I also saw denial.

That was when I saw it,

the fear that was my own.

Tried to reassure you

your destiny was thrown,

wished that I could change it

I hoped you would not spy

that what I saw inside

you made me want to cry.

What’s the use in hiding?

we cannot wear a guise

truth is always written

There in each others eyes.

©Jacqui Slade

Foot And Mouth

How many words have often clung?

for fear of slipping off my tongue.

Churned around and sometimes chewed,

better than being misconstrued.

How many times have they slipped?

tried hard to keep it button lipped.

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid,

especially when I get annoyed.

Words that I have tried to say,

come out in such a different way.

Like a cocktail they are shaken,

always seem to get mistaken.

Stupid without realising,

spend half my time apologising.

Sometimes it is better not to speak,

and sometimes meant as tongue in cheek.

©Jacqui Slade

Not My Business

They were arguing again


I could hear them.

The doors slamming.

Him shouting.

Her crying.

The dog barking.

Her screaming.





What was it all over?

I don’t know.

But I’ll find an excuse to go round there later

And find out.

I’ll let you know.

But she ran off.

Took off down the street.

Without any shoes on.

Looked like she was trying to run a marathon.

Not fast enough though.

Not for him.

He went right after her.

Caught up with her too.

Grabbed her by the hair

Pulled her to the floor.

And then

By the way

Did I tell you?

Sue from twenty-four

Has been sleeping with Gary

While his wife’s at work.

No? really it’s true.

Anyway What?

Oh and then he

Dragged her home by her feet.

I was out the front talking.

I didn’t know where to put my face.

As they passed me.

Him shouting and swearing at her.

Her crying and pleading with him.

To let her go.


Didn’t I call the police?

Well, no.

It’s none of my business.



©Jacqui Slade


From the icy crowns

of his moons he swims,

with tridented dreams

through pink snows.


The cosmic waves

receptive to his

torrid winds swirl,

in clouds of effluvium.


His sea is celestial

a cold ocean of stars,

infinitely surrounding

his isle of brilliant blue.


On a dolphin he rides

through dawns of creation,

spiralling into darkness

a spirit of the skies.


©Jacqui Slade

©Jacqui Slade