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New Year’s Eve

Farewell December please don’t grieve,
the wheel of time said you must leave.
Put your coat on and open doors,
walk down the road the past is yours.

Unfasten latches so you can fly
and we can kiss the year goodbye,
in hope that we will strengthen hearts
letting go of all that has passed.

Pack all our problems in your case
let positives sit it their place,
and don’t leave yesterday behind
tomorrow’s here for us to find.

We will not clean any of your mess
fearing fortune leaves us bereft.
In revelry expelling ghosts
and resolute we will play host

to the future untouched yet strange.
A visitor in winds of change.
In its traverse it blows our fate,
For our destiny we will wait.

January is coming to stay,
and it will bring its virgin days.
So long December see you soon
in the passage of eleven moons.


Winter shivers in winds of death,
a dismal whine in every breathe.
Stealing colour lights fade away,
to cloak all in its morbid grey.

Its sorrow falls in tears of white,
pirouetting forlorn in flight.
Exquisite in their gossamer,
in wisps they drop, their sprinkles sear.

It’s touch a frosty biting sting,
that glaciates in recoiling
warmth. Its hold severe penetrates,
as one year dies a new one waits.

Its soul in gales and howling cries
in natures slow sombre demise.
Winter will sit in storms to grieve
and in the spring get up and leave.


Skimming over
capacious blue
Waves aviating
in white crests.

Her plumage arches
in augury she swoops,

Gatherer of souls
she conveys the
essence of the
capricious tides.

Each feather an apparition
gliding over the ocean,
on the wings of
a nomadic mariner.


There was always a vibe

of energy between

you and me and so we

flirted effortlessly

in a bubble of all

our insecurities.


and I think that if

we had spoken more

openly in our


potency and been


more candidly

honest, then who

knows where we might

be. But that’s not


way it was

meant to be



fly fall

and you’re



If I Knew

If I knew now
what I knew then
I’d smash things down
and start again.
The essence of
a callow thought,
how did I lose
those things I sought.
Not idle dreams
from angst filled youth,
in heart and mind
they were the truth.
They seem so near
but somehow yet
all I can find is my regret.

Special Place

What is special in a place

if I can’t see your smiling face?

If I can’t see your little eyes

that brighten up the darkest skies.

Without you nowhere’s even nice

no haven or no paradise.

If your laughter can’t be heard

special just becomes a word.