Archive | August 2019

Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Life was passing me by

faster than the speed of

light. My soul was perplexed

and somewhat vexed by your


assumption that you would

be the centre of my

universe for all of

eternity whilst you


turned everything dark on

me. There was no light to

grow or air of my own

to breathe and love felt like


a dank obsidian hole

until I lit my star

and found my life truth,

I don’t think you’re cosmic.

Tom And The Coral Sea Sunset

The true beauty of every

happy moment we ever shared

was infused in empyreans

of coral seas and calm. Waves lulled

in harmony because we were

happy. It was a mystical

trip into a dimensional

suspended animation of

sunset at a uni boat house

in Aberystwyth where my time passages collided as my

pride in watching you grow and to see a boy’s dream evolve into

a man’s reality. It was

just the most glorious twilight.