Archive | July 2016

If The Stars Could Talk

If stars could talk what would they say? Would they talk about politics?

Would they preach about religion?

Would they look down on the poor

In a scathing derision?

Would they incite hatred?

Would they care about your skin colour?

Would they be misogynic?

Or hate you if you’re gay?

Would they gossip maliciously?

Tell you they want lots of money

and need lots of things?


They would tell their universal truth

that the Earth belongs to no man,

and is cosmically bound to nature.

The nature of life is to love.

So the whole of humanity

should love each other.

Because no life matters more than another.

Cherish your sisters and brothers

And the stars will be bright in confessing

that globally attitudes need addressing.

Every creature on Earth is a blessing.

The stars know the truth,

as they shine brighter than we do.

©Jacqui Slade