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A Song For Maureen

Haphazard flapping, spiralling leather,       

thrashing through the air, plummeting down.  

Love’s immortality binds together,                

intensity lapping them as they drown. 


The city lights shine, far in the distance              

the chill of wind on the bridge, blowing cold.     

Kissing away their fears and resistance                

alone, they kindle, their essence enfolds.       


Only the darkness laid claim to their minds,

their pain and angst was always ignored.                 

The people around them tainted and blind                

the lull of their destiny was assured.    


Hand in his, by moonlight she transcended,       

conflict gone, peace of mind apprehended.   


©Jacqui Slade


Back in the day many moons ago there used to be a poetry community at the BBC.

The BBC Poetry Corner message board was such a good place to post and enjoy the work of others and also to receive critique. Sadly the BBC Poetry Corner message board has long long gone shut down due to trolls and cuts.

What a great community it was.

The poets would take it in turns to set a Friday challenge to write a piece on a given subject or form.

This is a piece I wrote for a challenge where lines from songs or favourite album were the subject.

I chose The Velvet Underground.

I was sad to hear that the legend Lou Reed has sadly passed away, I am a huge fan.

I called the female character Maureen (Maureen Tucker Velvet Underground)

After I wrote this someone then challenged me to turn it into a sonnet so I will post that too.




She ran away.

Took twenty dollars, and her shiny leather coat.

And where will she go and what shall she do?”

Her mother cried.

On the note that she left she wrote:

You made your wallpapers green

Not me, it is tainted by your jealousy

We are in love that is the truth

While you sit in judgement

Longing to relive your youth.

We will be together.

And there’s nothing you can do.

He ran away.

Sitting and watching him that evening, his mother said:

She’s going to break your heart in two, it’s true

His eyes welled with tears.

Then thank God I’m as good as dead.”

He said, hands cupping his head.

Ignoring his angst his mother watched TV.

Lighting a cigarette his father said

Shaking his head

“Don’t be so soft boy!” and opened his beer.

Nobody saw him sneak out of the door

And into the streetlight he disappeared.

Holding her he had said:

When you think the night has seen your mind

That is when we will be together.”

She’d looked into his eyes and replied

“Then we are together for eternity.

They have been blind, for you

I would give my soul to the shadows.”

” We will have nothing to fear.” He said.

And so she waited.

Huddled against the cold

In a floral dress, and her shiny leather coat.

Hobnail boots wrapped around her toes.

As the city sleeps –

Here he comes he’s all dressed in black.

Love looking forward, no looking back.

They greet with a smile,

Touching they kindle

Their essence enfolding

Hand in hand they walk to the bridge.

“Look.” He says of the distant city lights.

It’s all the streets you crossed, not so long ago.

You can go back, if you choose….”

“………But no!! What have I got to lose!”

She says “But you.”

Standing with Maureen,

The myriad choices of his fate

Have vanished. Their destiny a lull.

Down below them, one final kiss.

The cold night air stings their faces.

Now take a look there’s no tear’s in her eyes.

It’s the only way, they both realise.

Their love knows no mortality

And so they transcend, jumping together

Spiralling ‘till the end.

A haphazard flapping of

Shiny leather in the dark.



©Jacqui Slade

Chicken Pox Blues

First one spot
then a batch.
They start to itch
I want to scratch.
On my belly
on my nose,
On my back
Between my toes.
Little red spots
start to blister.
I wish that they
were on my sister.
They itch so much
it feels so bad.
It really does
drive me mad.
I know they’ll be
here for a while.
Someone pass
the camomile.

©Jacqui Slade


Saturated by the

resurgence of your love,

a violent tropical

storm hangs heavy as it

engulfs the solitude

of my sleep. I can see

turbulence the waves splinter

against the hull. You come

as a bucaneer to

pirate my head, finding

our spirits fermented

as my eyelids flutter.



©Jacqui Slade

Once Upon A Bluebell

Once upon a Bluebell

I saw the strangest sight:

It was a little fairy

tucked up for the night.

Blanketed in silky petals

it dreamt away the hours,

then something else

caught my eye

Inbetween the flowers.

I saw a little flickering,

it was a fairy fire.

A pixie sat upon a stone

strumming on his lyre.

All the little fairy folk

were dancing to his tune.

Harmoniously they sang a song

for the goddess of the moon.

I was so enchanted

their magic made me sleep.

When I awoke, I knew there was

a secret I must keep.


© Jacqui Slade 04

©Jacqui Slade

Jewel Of The Sky

Petals of primrose

yellow swirl, falling

through amber skies

and mists of gold.


She shines in bursts

of lightening white,

meteorically glittering

across her rainless sky.


Her iconic beauty

is carved in bright

aureate landscapes,

incandescent at dusk.


Captivating in pink

and orange dawns.

A celestial Elysian,

jewel of the sky.



©Jacqui Slade


As my shadow faded

and I slowly slipped at last.

I left an empty shell of me,

my essence breezing past..


I put my heart back on the

table, slowly closed the door.

I felt the peace inside me rise

and looked at you once more.


You slept in the darkness,

my blue tears at your side

You hadn’t even noticed me

Or heard my muffled cries.


So often tried to tell you

but it was just no use.

Now you wake you will find

my smile was just a ruse.



©Jacqui Slade


Your mirrors cascade and

I sit in reflection.

You cleanse and purify

the mysteries in me.

I feel at peace and watch

my emotions ebb away.


Sunlight skims across

your surface, its shine

a vibrant allure,

and I could drown in

its tranquillity.


My spirit bathes

As you tempt me.

Gentle trickles

recede and I,


see my ghosts

washed away

and I find,


your gift

to me –



©Jacqui Slade



Clasping in blue,

naked and crumpled.

She lay with the phone,

locks of blonde falling.


She slept forever,

locked in her pain.

Her lonely mind,

troubled and lost.


Her pretty face,

still and beautiful.


an eternal legend.


A victim of her own

success.  Exploited

by others, she paid

the highest price.


Controversy follows,

but only she knows

the truth and why

her star still shines.

©Jacqui Slade