Archive | June 2015

The Memory Puzzle 

Pictures are enigmas 

in retrospective blur,

recollect sepia

in playback to recur.


Enigmas and memories

in lost and faded words,

life a silent movie

once lived coloured and heard.


Memories and puzzles

wistfully recollect,

each a precious moment

to cherish and protect.


Endeared minutes captured

in futures reminisced,

cinematic thinking

of heartbeats that are missed.


©Jacqui Slade


Broken Mirrors 

Faces lie in shards  

broken on the floor,

reflecting something

not known anymore.


Faces lie in shards

splintered by a heart,

an image of love

shattering apart.


Faces lie in shards

mirroring a pain,

distorting a truth

hateful self disdain.



Faces lie in shards

echoing a past,

fragments of a dream

severed by the glass.


©Jacqui Slade



Icad2015 day 3 and the theme was – draw a map.

I wrote an acrostic haiku  poem – Map 


Map my destiny

And guide me to the future

Paths that I must walk

©Jacqui Slade

I then created my image for the theme based around my poem.

I thought Tarot cards are mapped out to predict a destiny.

So I designed a Wheel Of Fortune tarot card.

I bordered the sides of the image with DNA sequencing strands as our futures are all mapped out and predestined in our DNA 

This challenge inspired me to combine poetry, science and mysticism in a creative way.

Petals Cry 

Flowers wilt dejected 

heads falling to the ground,

Petals arched in sadness,

its pittering resounds


in tear drops descending

from heavens gloomy brood,

dampening the spirits

of natures cheery mood.


Rainbows burst in colour,

and spectrum curves of hope.

Misery diminished

with sorrow it elopes.


Sun rising redemption

all of its flora shines,

perfuming the colours

of happiness defined.


©Jacqui Slade




Come on roll up ladies and gentlemen

And be amazed by life’s miscreations.

Rue in wonder of abnormalities

Natures oddities. Be bewildered by

Imperfections and the truly grotesque

Variety of malformation in

An astounding display of the deformed.

Let your eyes linger on beautiful freaks.

©Jacqui Slade
I wrote this poem and created my picture for icad2015 day 2 – the theme being carnival. I drew my image on the back of a postcard and used black art pens and marker pens from Poundland to create it. On the front of the postcard where the address would go I am printing off and then glueing my pen onto it.


Contour lines blur creating  

Hallucinogenic stripes.

Ever sharp in corners meeting

Vertically and horizontally

Reaching their gradual point

Outstretched psychedelic zig zags,

Nicely patterned tricking your eyes.

©Jacqui Slade