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Breathing In The World 

I breathed

in the world.

It was the spirit

of life,

I told my soul.

Time and fate

Said nothing.


©Jacqui Slade


Mad Energies 

Tremendous energies met head on,

wandering in hallucination 


Digging everything

they became

perceptive and blank.

The mad ones

desirous of everything


Burn burn

like exploding stars.

©Jacqui Slade

Down The Rabbit Hole

I am excited that two of my poems were recently accepted to be published in an anthology which has now been published and is available to buy tomorrow from Create Space
Down The Rabbit Hole Anthology

Running Shoes 

I notice everything like your disapproval

of the shoes I choose to wear. They are comfortable

but I look terrible to you in my Nike

trainers and so to keep you happy I buy boots


that I don’t want and I don’t particularly like.

I get outside the shop, put them on. They’re too small.

I didn’t care about the shoes you were wearing.

All that mattered to me was spending time with you.


They are buried now somewhere in my wardrobe

because although they are very comfortable

and in very good condition I won’t wear them

anymore because you chose to criticise my


choice in shoes and I didn’t want to be a huge

embarrassment to you. It made me feel quite bad

but I don’t think it entered your mind. All you saw

were shoes you didn’t like not the person in them.


©Jacqui Slade


A long white stretching corridor

is where I find myself walking.

I’ve been here before semi-conscious.

Clamming in fear every time as

The presence surrounds me crushing.

I try to flee with lead legs and

silver beads fall from my head, as

motion slow I try to make it

to the door. Panic urging me

to escape the faceless ghosts as

curtains blow somewhere I need to

return to. Confounded my hand

on the handle I look back eyes

wide and open the door only

to not know, which way to go. Sobbing

staircases coiling to some place

escaping. Each stair I tread on

I feel it coming ever closer.

Desperately reaching the top to

find more doors to open in dread.

Certain I will evermore be

lost here searching for a way out.

Despondent and reckless I run

trying each door in futile hope.

Until guided by an angel

that I cannot see, I find my

way back to sanity through

a doorway that I shut firmly.

With sheets crumpled and matted hair

I dream now of much sweeter things.

©Jacqui Slade03