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Simple Minded Ideas

I always have affection

for a liberate mind

and simple minded ideas

construed by

the eternal and divine truth.

I cannot underwrite

my whole instinct of

things that are good.


You Tempestuous Sea

You may be like a

tempestuous sea, both wild


and tremendous energies

for life. Natures free spirits.

An Ode To Beans On Toast

Simply delicious beans on toast

One of the meals I love the most

It’s my husbands finest cuisine

He can microwave the beans


and butter toast he makes for me.

No cooking fail it’s so easy.

I bet he feels like a top chef

secretly toasting his success.


Topping my beans with grated cheese

and Worcester sauce my taste buds pleased.

Relishing the tomato sauce

on soggy toast I must endorse


this meal that’s cheap and quick to make,

easy if you can’t cook or bake.

My husband’s pleased, really thrilled

He’s made a meal that hasn’t killed.


©Jacqui Slade