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A Jar Of Thoughts

Once a brave heart blew its lid
burst with all the feelings hid.
Quelled passions flared with glee
in crescendo, they were freed

to escape the things that jarred
and its prison made of glass.
In its virtue it was damned
by the wrongs that had been jammed

inside to control its core.
In a beat its mind had swore,
that its stopper would be prised
and again its thoughts would rise,

to be loved and feel respect
not left ajar in neglect.
A jar of thoughts opened doors
for the soul that needed more.

©Jacqui Slade


We’re living with death
he sits on the chair.
We might not see him
but he’s always there.

Walking by our sides
in each stride we take,
when we are sleeping
and when we awake.

Constant companion
with life he’s a twin.
She is his sister
and it’s her he rescinds.

Death lays in our beds
watching us breathe.
Casting his shadow
when we have to leave

our heartbeats behind
in the mortal cries.
Darkened by sorrow
despairing demise.

Destiny guides him
in time who to kiss,
inhaling their souls
they cease to exist.

His embrace is cold
and nature is cruel,
sooner or later
he touches us all.

We live with our grief
as life will go on,
cherishing our thoughts
of those who are gone.

©Jacqui Slade

I have read on Facebook so many posts by friends the last few days of people who have sadly just passed away or are dying or anniversaries of somebody’s death. it has just been really sad. Life is such a fragile precious thing.


I will not fit
into your box,
you can’t bind me
in chains and locks.
You can’t tell me
what I can say,
or what I should
think of today.
I will not sit
in pigeon holes,
let anyone
take their control,
over my mind
I’m free to choose,
ideals to love
and which to lose.
I will never
bow to conform,
in vain to keep
your feelings warm.
Your expression
I will respect,
but my own heart
I will protect.
I have my voice
you have your own,
and in our thoughts
we are alone.
Different views
personal dreams,
I won’t let you
pick at the seams.
Each being lives
in their own wrongs
choosing all of
their playlist songs.
Our soundtracks will
not be the same,
life fits us in
different frames.
And who are you
or I to say
how any others
should choose to play,
the game of life
In clarity
should give more thought
in charity,
give love to a
and celebrate
The freethinkers
always repelled
as troublesome
loner rebels.
In quirks and warts
I feel no shame,
and not the same.

©Jacqui Slade

The Tramp


Eloquent in poverty
staging life in comedy.
Scatterbrained his vagrant heart
immortalised in his art.

Keystone are his baggy clothes
impersonates life he knows,
hardship on the silver screen
once so poor he lives a dream.

Dignified a charming twit
bumbling in his genius wit.
He speaks in mime its charade
cinematically displayed.

Charlie’s – in his bygone age –
humour kept the world engaged.
In black and white days are gone
it was his stage how he shone.

©Jacqui Slade


When you’re lost my baby girl
and your mind is in a swirl.
When you doubt life or feel weak
if despair rolls down your cheek,
as tears escape from your eyes
frustrated by all that you despise,
and sleep won’t come night is long
remember babe you are strong.
Hold on tight to all your hope,
you will find a way to cope
with the things that get you down
in time life will turn around.
All good things will come to you,
you might think not but it’s true.
In dark light will steer your heart
don’t let life tear you apart.
Lift your spirits read the quotes
in love of you that I wrote.
You will see though I’m not there
my advice because I care.
Always and eternally
in times of strife you’ll think of me,
Life is hard but so are you,
so don’t get sad or get blue.
Forever more I’ll be your guide,
I’ll be standing by your side,
in spirit there helping you.
My baby girl I love you.

©Jacqui Slade

The Kissing Gate

Once we crossed the kissing gate
bound hand in hand. Improper
fools without thought, we stumbled
in desperate flurry but
there’s no dignity in haste.
We passed over love as we
walked aimless down unknown paths.
Our loyalty was displaced.
We chanced upon misfortune
in swollen rivers seeping
in regret, stirring all of
the things we wish to forget.
We thought we would be buoyant
verdant and rich in pastures fresh,
yet the frost still settled down
in the things we left unsaid.
Winters kiss was icy keen
on your lips she was wanton.
Jealously she stung my face
as she brushed past. She was so
bitter and ugly in truth.
Now we find our selves left cold,
the brittle blades evergreen
as the earth becomes hardened.
So do we. Our hearts broken
we thought the grass was greener
like it was in the Spring, new life
regenerating our souls.
As we walk burdened by our
delusion the silence speaks
to reevaluate life,
and so we turn around in
some dire hope that we’ll escape.
As we approach the stile once
more misshapen and outworn,
with caution I tread. The air
shivers in our discontent.
Spectral whispers of cutting
barb words linger in our heads.
We stand there wooden and bare
our feelings exposed and I
wonder if you would now care
to offer your hand as a token
of affection or will
I freeze in your rejection.
And maybe I should not take
your heart in fear of what has gone.
In superstition we will
step in our trepidation
alone to not dare tempt fate.
I know we will find our way.
We will not bow and break like
the dead twigs beneath our feet.
Diligent we will make it,
our eyes are never jaded
as we are bound heart in heart.

©Jacqui Slade

Embodied in life

Embodied in life our souls live to die
as mortals, they fall in love with the Earth.
In awe of its beauty questioning why
they are conscious and of death and birth

they look for meaning in stars and in books.
Needing something to believe in but truth.
For life is short and a rebirth looked
for icons and eternal youth.

From non existence they wish to abstain
So in fear of nothing they control
a utopian afterlife in deign
of character and to own their whole.

Heaven is in love appreciating life
in gratitude we breathe we survive.

©Jacqui Slade


I must rest my weary head
so I put my mind to bed.
Tuck it in cosy and snug,
on my eyelids it won’t tug
and fill my mind, up with thoughts.
when a rested sleep is sought.
I bid goodnight I suppose
I wish it peaceful repose.
A nightmare to over think
so it tell it it must sink,
into slumber for the night
with my thoughts it shouldn’t fight.
Eventually it succumbs
my body aches tired and numb.
My conscious self has a break,
renewed in morn it will wake.

©Jacqui Slade

On a cloud

On my bed of dreams I lay
on a cloud drifting away.
All my thoughts transient wisps
as imagination trips
on ideas billowed. I play

with words, in concepts I stray.
Lose myself in their display
reality is eclipsed.
I create mine.

In miasma I portray
the art of life. I replay
my puffed notions fresh and crisp.
An inspired mind takes grip.
in fantastic disarray
I create mine.

©Jacqui Slade

The Christmas Tree

The baubles on
the Christmas tree,
shimmer in hope
of you and me.
Presenting love
in fear what if
our feelings are
unwanted gifts.

We decorate
concealed surprise
in fancy bows.
We knot our ties.
The tinsel glitters
our wishes glow.
Our certainty
in us bestowed.

The fairy lights
in festive shine,
illuminate our
hearts we find.
Unwrapping time
to give and share
our emotions
because we care.

©Jacqui Slade