Zigzy Art

I am starting my own business very soon, selling my artwork and other creations.

I am nervous about doing this and am a bit apprehensive but if I don’t it I will have wasted my life dreaming and will regret not trying.

I hope that people will like and follow my Facebook page and also my new WordPress blog for my business as the more reach I get the more chance I have of making a couple of sales.  

I will be happy to ship globally.

Please support my new venture and new chapter of my life.


The sad malicious monger

always has an opinion

and an enthusiasm

to salivate over shit


that they know nothing about.

They will spread it willingly

and try to poison your soul

with their jealous vitriol.


Their forked tongues will bite you hard

They hope that you will be weakened

by their ugly disdain and

venomous empowerment.


Their only orgasms come

from trying to ruin lives.

So hold your head high and laugh

their bitterness will fuck them.


©Jacqui Slade


Your truth is a delusion

a magicians cloak of truth.

Cavorting with trickery

for self metamorphosis.


Juggling the deception

with manipulative lies.

The farcical illusion

is a peculiar twist


of disorderly dreams,

created to disguise a

loathsome actuality

by a poor conjurers mind.


Mere sorcery can’t hoodwink

your insecurity as,

self esteem so fragile lies

in splinters of broken wands.


©Jacqui Slade

Poetry Readers 

From a poets point of view I find that most of the time readers of a poem will just think that what you’re writing about is your own personal life or feelings.
They don’t ever stop to think that maybe it’s about someone else’s life or an empathetic write or just a piece of creative writing. 
Poets have imaginations.

Time For A Change 

When you love somebody dearly

but the relationship’s estranged,

and you feel taken for granted

maybe it is time for a change.


Alter your own expectations

and take people for who they are.

You know nobody is perfect

and perhaps your opinion’s marred


by idealist perceptions

of what your connection should be.

it could be your own attitude

that’s causing all the misery.


Even true love wanes with pressure,

give your heart time to beat alone

Leave your trusted soul air to breathe

because a person’s never owned.


©Jacqui Slade

Some Good News

Silver shimmers of light

lining dark nebula,

are shiny glimmers of

hope. Grey skies quilted with

sterling convey a bright

celestial message


that everything will

be alright. Clouds will

evaporate and

the sun will shine

not obscured, once more.


Forecasts change as

the days rotate.

The yin and yang

of life dictates.


Always look

for rainbows,

their spectrums



some good




©Jacqui Slade

Collective Effervescence 

Collective effervescence

throbbing drums, beating in hearts.

Pounding in their amusement

the primal rhythm joyous.


Nature is celebrated,

the starry eyed worship dance.

Barefoot coupling with their souls,

branches sway in unity.


Tripping to a moonlit song

in spirited harmony,

ancients carousal wildly

their eugenic kindred bounce.


As the night parties with stones

relics hangover the morn.

Sunrise heralds the dawn of

the original ravers.


©Jacqui Slade