You spun a web for me

playing your charades of

decency covertly

hiding your lunacy

lacing me with poison

You wear a facade of

meek delicacy for

all the world to see and

that’s the psychopaths way

spinning their fragile lace

webs to catch their empath

supply suck their souls but

mine didn’t die and I

am unraveling your

cords and you will be caught

tied up in your own lies

screaming that you are the

victim you lunatic

Tom And The Coral Sea Sunset

The true beauty of every

happy moment we ever shared

was infused in empyreans

of coral seas and calm. Waves lulled

in harmony because we were

happy. It was a mystical

trip into a dimensional

suspended animation of

sunset at a uni boat house

in Aberystwyth where my time passages collided as my

pride in watching you grow and to see a boy’s dream evolve into

a man’s reality. It was

just the most glorious twilight.