Archive | November 2019


You are a darkness,

obscuring my light.

A grey area of mind,

I try to elude you.


You are a spirit,

distorted and tall.

An echo of me,

in monochrome.


You are a cobweb,

a weave of emotion.

Entwining all of me,

my essential.


You are so wisp,

in black you are light.

My colours hide,

within your shade.


You live in my heart,

a rainbow of feelings.

My dreams, a silhouette,

my shadow, my soul.



Saturated by the

resurgence of your love,

a violent tropical

storm hangs heavy as it

engulfs the solitude

of my sleep. I can see

turbulence the waves splinter

against the hull. You come

as a bucaneer to

pirate my head, finding

our spirits fermented

as my eyelids flutter.

Jewel Of The Sky

Petals of primrose

yellow swirl, falling

through amber skies

and mists of gold.


She shines in bursts

of lightening white,

meteorically glittering

across her rainless sky.


Her iconic beauty

is carved in bright

aureate landscapes,

incandescent at dusk.


Captivating in pink

and orange dawns.

A celestial Elysian,

jewel of the sky.


Heart Switch

Each of our hearts has a switch

now I am a fucking bitch

A cold hearted mean old witch

I won’t let you take an inch.


For so long my empathy

ruled my soul I felt sorry

for those who kept hurting me

but now I’m woke now I see


that you think weakness is kind

so you played games with my mind

Hoodwinking me I was blind

but my senses realigned.


Takers take I’ve had enough

and I’ve learned how to be tough.

I have turned my heart switch off

I’m like you now hard not soft.


As my shadow faded

and I slowly slipped at last.

I left an empty shell of me,

my essence breezing past..


I put my heart back on the

table, slowly closed the door.

I felt the peace inside me rise

and looked at you once more.


You slept in the darkness,

my blue tears at your side

You hadn’t even noticed me

Or heard my muffled cries.


So often tried to tell you

but it was just no use.

Now you wake you will find

my smile was just a ruse.