Archive | March 2015


Jaded emerald green eyed sting 

Envy’s not a pretty thing.

Always ugly consuming hate,

Learn to love and appreciate.

Only things you already have

Undermine malice and your wrath,

Suffering resentment is sad,

Your jealous monster is bad.


©Jacqui Slade

Free Spirit

In imagination freely soaring,


Abundant enthusiasm in flight. 

Making ideas, creatively thinking 


Anarchic dreams and observations are


Flying without restrictions. Inventive  thoughts

Rebellious and wild, painting their own

Enchantment on life’s canvas. In happy 

Eccentricity, moulding and crafting, 


Sculpting their own intrinsic opinion. 

Poetically peculiar and

Innovating bizarre conversation,

Refusing to conform. Quirky minds

Instigating liberty of heart.

Think for yourself, we are all free spirits.


©Jacqui Slade

Circle Square 

My circle is

really small

it is nearly


They are circles 

I am a square 

just don’t fit in

and I don’t care

My circle is

a tiny dot

but do I care 

no I think not

In my circle 

belongs my soul 

all my true loves

my dreams my whole 

Don’t need others

in their never end

circled bullshit

and their pretence

I could not be

circle or ring


to just fit in

Not caught up in

the circle rings

where acceptance

Is everything

I am a square 

so happily 

boxed in love 

with family.

©Jacqui Slade

One Random Act 

One random act of kindness 

no matter how big or small,

in helping one another 

in kind could just save us all.


Sharing love and happiness 

in a random act and smiles,

could spread thought and gratitude 

and selfishness be reviled.


Assisting other people 

and in showing them the way

could make all the difference 

to someone else’s day.


Show an act of your kindness

in respect and in some care,

if we all indulged in kindness 

the feeling of good is shared.


Do something and help change things

for all of the human race,

spread some love and happiness 

to all colours and all faiths.


One random act of kindness 

each day is all it will take,

if you want to change the world

such a difference it would make.


©Jacqui Slade

Good Morning Little Song Bird 

Good morning little song bird

in tune waking up the earth,

in your chirpy merriment 

the new day is in its birth.

in your little aria

all our harmonies embraced,

reminder of our nature

and all of our futures faced.

Every day sings a new song, 

all your melodies so shrill,

singing you look forward 

to each day in natures thrill.

Good morning little song bird

in our wakening of peace,

every day you give to us

your chanting and a release.

You’re lovely little song bird

in all of your feathered flight,

every morning we awake

your chirping gives us delight.

©Jacqui Slade