Archive | September 2016

Goodbye Summer 

Summer once was seasoned

with sunshine and colours

of flowers petalled with

joy. How brightly it shone,

basking in its promise

of lighter days and fun.


Hope was solarised,


spirits. Laughter

was heard sojourning

in buckets and spades.


Sandy toes danced

barefoot and free,

until its spell warmed,

waved cold farewells.




and happy.







©Jacqui Slade

Bending Branches 

Bending branches reach out,

aged and weathered wisdom.

Bowing to intertwine

kindred petals with love.


Jaded with vainglory

saplings contort, snapping

old twigs with disregard.

Sprigged decay in their hearts.


Tendrils of malice creep

suffocating with hate.

Green truths rustling in their

crooked deviations.


Life meanders on in

it’s bittersweet torsion,

leaves whisper lamenting

their offshoots with sadness.


©Jacqui Slade