Archive | April 2015

Midnight Souls

Retinas of onyx

strands of silver threads

live in velvet shadows

and silence of the dead.

Midnight souls breeze creeping,

the dead walk while life’s sleeping.

©Jacqui Slade

Fairy Dust 

Dandelion wishes

in seeds will pirouette,

each one is a dreamer

of a hearts silhouette.

Each seed blown is magic 

a fairies wand is waved,

shimmering and mystic

in aspirations swayed.

Dust will dance in glitter

and sprightly hope through air,

enchantments scattered with

iridescent flair.

Grow your wishful hope in

yellow petalled showers,

keepers of fairy dust

dreams come true in flowers.


©Jacqui Slade


You will never know

the heartache of  my shoes,

how they would trip me up 

or how they left me bruised.

You will never walk

the life that snapped my heels,

how my heart was blistered 

footsteps you’ll never  feel.

You will never wear 

the sole of souls defeat

if you did you’d buckle

unlaced fall off your feet.

You will never know 

the heartache of my shoes,

you can run in judgement 

they will never fit you.


©Jacqui Slade

The Forest 

Eerily the forest barks

creaking creeping after dark,

rustling and shivering 

its foliage quivering.

Eerily the forest speaks

shedding leafy tears it weeps,

whispering nocturnal cries

the heavens are ebonite.



Eerily the forest moans

stretching out its ancient bones,

spindly fingers touching night

semblance shadowed by moonlight.

Statuesque the forest stands

antiquity of the land,

its spirit haunts gnarled worn dreams

in the twilight forests scream.


©Jacqui Slade

Night Dwellers 

Nocturnal in spirit

Insomniac at heart,

Ghosts wander beside you

Hindering your repose. 

Twilight hours beckoning 

Dream walking with shadows,

Wisp your soul’s succumbing 

Ethereally to night.

Lingering in its lull 

Longing for solitude,

Ever loving darkness

Relenting to its mood.

Stargazing and moonstruck.
©Jacqui Slade


My heart beats in rhythm 

with every breath you take,

elevating spirits

without you it would break.

Your heart beats in rhythm

with mine forever kissed,

cherished in your spirit 

in heartache I am missed

Our hearts beat in rhythm 

and incandescent trust,

our essence is cadent

and fluttering in love.


Hearts beating in rhythm 

bound for eternity,

love will live undying 

in immortality.


©Jacqui Slade


Streams of yellow ribbons 

swirling through the skies ,

tapering through galaxies 

in rays and bursts of light .

Oceans of blue ribbons

azure shimmering swathe,

cascading through currents

in silky calming waves.

Braids of plush green ribbons

in lush verdurous threads,

bound to lustrous petals

in rainbow flowerbeds.

Twirling all the ribbons

colourful spirits blithe,

beautiful the ribbons

united binding life.


©Jacqui Slade