Archive | September 2015

The Night Is Getting Darker 

The night is getting darker 

the street lights are coming on,

another day is leaving

and our energy has gone.

The night is getting darker

the stars will twinkle and shine,

in natural light above us

in our birth they are defined.

The night is getting darker

our astrologies are born,

they’re cast among the shadows

and the coming of the dawn.

The night is getting darker

and our heart felt dreams released

by flutterings of eyelids

as our starlight gives us peace.

©Jacqui Slade

To The Clouds Above 

To the clouds above

Falling into daydreams

head to the clouds above,

imagination tripping

in happiness and love.

Ideas wisp and fluffy

billowing in the skies.

Floating to destinies,

wishes to realise.

Eyes dreaming in wonder,

excited,flutter desire.

Inklings in their stargaze,

concepts twinkling inspire.

Infinite creation

in retinas displayed,

walk through clouds on journeys

to futures to be made.

©Jacqui Slade