Archive | January 2020

Excuse Me

Excuse me while

I clear my throat

of your hands

and let my

brain devote

to spit out the

memories of

your anger placed

on my neck and

in my face.

Excuse me while

I’ve had to delve

choice-less back to

two thousand

and twelve

when your hands

around my throat

were placed and

your anger was

in my face.

So please fuck off

when you say you cared

you’re not an abuser

but you refuse

to address

the truth

that love

doesn’t cause

post traumatic stress.

My Name Is Not Babe

I really don’t think

your testosterone

powered senses of

entitlement are cute

and I dispute

your male privilege

to call me babe

just because I wear

a fucking dress.

It’s not charming

in all honesty

it’s alarming

that you think

it’s respectful

and acceptable

to speak to

a grown woman in

a derogatory way

to try to make them

feel in someway

charmed by a

pathetic and small

needy male who

in reality

is probably

a complete fail.

My name is not

fucking babe.

My name is not babe,

it’s not sweetheart,

chick, bitch or darling

and I am disarming

your hormonal

and chauvinistic right

because you think

I am a fucking skirt.

My name is not babe

It’s a creepy

and predatory

way to behave

and I am done with

all the wanking

misogynists who

can’t even address

me by my fucking name.


You thought you had me all

figured out when you

calculated your sum

of who you think I am.

Now you know that you have


and your error was one

that cannot be undone.

I was not your weak and

pathetic ideal of

a woman who can’t cope

without a man and so

all your theory of me

being a willing and

complicit accomplice

in your abuse of me

was wrong because I’m strong

and the total of my

care for you is now none