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Moments Of Uncertainty

How can you ever promise

that love will be forever

when fate and circumstance can

never be guaranteed. True

natures are concealed, our souls

cannot be seen so trust has

moments of uncertainty.


Intrinsically Different

Intrinsically different

she was drawn to

the hues of

the evening sunlight.

The perspective was beautiful

and ethereal,

flowing over life.

With the change of air

her spirits mingled with sunshine.

Twenty Nine Years

It’s been twenty nine years
since I lost my ear ring,
but in my mind it keeps
reappearing. That night

you were captivated
and for a taxi we
waited. It was cold
but we were drunk on each

other. Your arms kept me
warm and you became my
lover. I will never
forget the way that you

shone, your zest for life and
now it has gone. When you
died I couldn’t cry, I
had to keep all of my

grief inside. The reasons
why I can’t explain but
I think the delayed grief
has been causing me pain.

What we had at the time
was so special and true.
So forever in my
heart there’s a place for you.