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Magic And Marigold

Fair Marigold

pretty and bright,

ever faithful

spiritual light.


Your radiance

a zesty charm,

protecting us

from witches harm.


Your orange bloom

outside the door,

will keep us safe



Oh Marigold,

spirit flower,

Evil banished,

good is empowered.


Wish Upon A Butterfly 

This is a digital artwork I created.

This was inspired by my love of both dandelions, butterflies and the superstitions and myths that surround both.

Like wishing on a dandelion as you blow the seeds away and the myth that butterflies are the reincarnated souls of the deceased.

My image therefore could be interpreted as a wish being blown to a deceased loved one that you wish they were still here. 

It is listed here: 

Zigzy Art

From A Crows Eye

Fate traverses through the air

on wings of an avian

conjurer, wearing a cape

of sleek ebony feathers.


Fluttering with predictions

metamorphic changes are

foretold in the silken swoop

of the magicians plumage.


Fortunes circumnavigate,

prophesies are cawed. Fearful

souls apprehend doom, the birds

divination is pecked.


Messengers of creation,

obsidian couriers.

Destiny resides in the

reflection from a crows eye.


©Jacqui Slade