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started to do the Inktober drawing challenge in October and I am still doing it, it’s been slow as have not had much time to draw.

But I am determined to finish it.

This is my first drawing for the first

inspired by the first Inktober creative prompt



My drawing inspired by Frankenstein by Mary Shelley which I recently read.
My thoughts were that it was a very sad story about what it means to be human and I felt that the monster had more humanity than his creator Doctor Frankenstein

Wish Upon A Butterfly 

This is a digital artwork I created.

This was inspired by my love of both dandelions, butterflies and the superstitions and myths that surround both.

Like wishing on a dandelion as you blow the seeds away and the myth that butterflies are the reincarnated souls of the deceased.

My image therefore could be interpreted as a wish being blown to a deceased loved one that you wish they were still here. 

It is listed here: 

Zigzy Art



Icad2015 day 3 and the theme was – draw a map.

I wrote an acrostic haiku  poem – Map 


Map my destiny

And guide me to the future

Paths that I must walk

©Jacqui Slade

I then created my image for the theme based around my poem.

I thought Tarot cards are mapped out to predict a destiny.

So I designed a Wheel Of Fortune tarot card.

I bordered the sides of the image with DNA sequencing strands as our futures are all mapped out and predestined in our DNA 

This challenge inspired me to combine poetry, science and mysticism in a creative way.




Come on roll up ladies and gentlemen

And be amazed by life’s miscreations.

Rue in wonder of abnormalities

Natures oddities. Be bewildered by

Imperfections and the truly grotesque

Variety of malformation in

An astounding display of the deformed.

Let your eyes linger on beautiful freaks.

©Jacqui Slade
I wrote this poem and created my picture for icad2015 day 2 – the theme being carnival. I drew my image on the back of a postcard and used black art pens and marker pens from Poundland to create it. On the front of the postcard where the address would go I am printing off and then glueing my pen onto it.