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Now You Are A Ghost 

We used to be so close

but now you are a ghost.

Someone I hardly see.

You keep on hurting me.


Interested in yourself

I feel that I am shelved

in convenience for you

picked up when you want to


divulge all of your stress

and your unhappiness.

Never ask how I am,

don’t really give a damn.


Your ego always shuns.

I love you but I’m done.

Won’t beg for attention

I’ll take your rejection.


©Jacqui Slade


Sometimes life throws a

spanner in the works.

It’s always when you

think you have nailed it


that it wrenches at

your heart, prising it

open, cutting you with

its saw. Often it


will drive you nuts but

don’t bolt to go and

get hammered thinking

you’re in a state of


disrepair. Screw your


All you need is a

toolbox to fix you.


©Jacqui Slade

The First House

The doorway of existence

opens. New beginnings are

born. Life manifests itself

in the metamorphosis of


water into air. The key

unlocked the self. Foundations

were cemented in the stars.

The windows reflect your soul.


Each brick is constructed with

your ego. You are your own

architect of destiny.

Your true personality


will eternally reside

in this primary dwelling.

Don’t show the world ugliness.

Compose structural beauty.


©Jacqui Slade

Time Zone

Zoning out on problems 

and hours thinking of stress.

Achieves no solutions.

It just steals happiness.


Why keep rewinding clocks

when living’s ticking by?

The days can’t be undone,

accept all that has past.


Cease letting the future

alarm you. What’s to come

is meant for you, once the

lessons needed are taught.


Life it has no time zone.

It’s realm’s in the present

day, so live it fully

before body clocks stop.


©Jacqui Slade