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Now You Are A Ghost 

We used to be so close

but now you are a ghost.

Someone I hardly see.

You keep on hurting me.


Interested in yourself

I feel that I am shelved

in convenience for you

picked up when you want to


divulge all of your stress

and your unhappiness.

Never ask how I am,

don’t really give a damn.


Your ego always shuns.

I love you but I’m done.

Won’t beg for attention

I’ll take your rejection.


©Jacqui Slade


Someone Else 

There’s always fault to find

and the criticism

is never constructive,

in fact it’s destructive

and I will never be

the ideal that you want.


I’m embarrassing.

My clothes are too young.

My hair is unkempt

and my tongue you would

wish to be constrained.


And it seems that

I am only

loveable when

it pleases you


and you can

exert your

control to


make me





©Jacqui Slade

Bending Branches 

Bending branches reach out,

aged and weathered wisdom.

Bowing to intertwine

kindred petals with love.


Jaded with vainglory

saplings contort, snapping

old twigs with disregard.

Sprigged decay in their hearts.


Tendrils of malice creep

suffocating with hate.

Green truths rustling in their

crooked deviations.


Life meanders on in

it’s bittersweet torsion,

leaves whisper lamenting

their offshoots with sadness.


©Jacqui Slade