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When No One Is Looking 

When no one is looking the

shadows come to life. Wispy

souls cavorting in moonlight.

Cadaverous dancers sway


under the incandescent 

shine, of heavens ignited

by stars. The skeletal walk

in twilight. Free spirits of


the night, tripping through space and 

time. Apparitions sing a

melancholic dirge of grave

wistful sighs. Wishing they could 


recapitulate life and 

the rapid cadence of mortal

hearts. The ethereal dreams

of long forgotten souls.

©Jacqui Slade



Lashes fall from heavens,

tears cascading from skies.

Cloudy brows of sorrow,

are overcasting eyes.


Oculus of torment,

reflect a soul that’s lost.

Radiating mizzle,

raining their faith is quashed.


Iris lives in rainbows,

catching teardrops in light.

Lining mists with silver,

making the darkness bright.


Weary hearts enlightened,

so retinas can shine.

Iris is a goddess,

her colours are divine.

©Jacqui Slade

Autumnal Blues

I watch you changing colours

in a metamorphic change.

Were once warm and familiar.

now you’re colder and estranged

from happiness decaying,

slowly withering inside.

Skeletal your brittle soul

in autumnal blues abides.

Scattered your hues resplendent

dance, blown in seasonal brood.

Gloriously you perish

until Spring picks up your mood.

As life forever alters,

the dark hours appear so long.

Nature is a magician

in its rebirth you’ll be strong.

©Jacqui Slade



I don’t want your love

something is amiss,

your heart is made of stone

I don’t want your kiss.

I don’t need your words

sharpened in their charms

Never will I find

comfort in your arms.

I don’t need your soul

breathing down on me,

putrid eyes of hate

all I ever see.

I don’t want to give

your abuse my head,

truthfully I cry

inside I am dead.

©Jacqui Slade

To The Clouds Above 

To the clouds above

Falling into daydreams

head to the clouds above,

imagination tripping

in happiness and love.

Ideas wisp and fluffy

billowing in the skies.

Floating to destinies,

wishes to realise.

Eyes dreaming in wonder,

excited,flutter desire.

Inklings in their stargaze,

concepts twinkling inspire.

Infinite creation

in retinas displayed,

walk through clouds on journeys

to futures to be made.

©Jacqui Slade


Deliciously excited,

Elation lights up eyes.

Lighthearted twinkling spirits

Illuminate in surprise.

Gratified in happiness,

Heavenly in its delight.

Thrilled and embraced by rapture

Fulfilling the hearts are bright.

Undying moments blinking

Laughing happy eyes winking.

©Jacqui Slade

Give Me A Sunrise 

Give me a sunrise

of daydreams, new dawns

and horizons of

universal love.


Give me a sunrise,

each fresh beginning

born in auroras

of orange and pink.


Give me a sunrise,

awaken the world

and harmonise peace.


Unite with nature.

Give me a sunrise

a plethora of

clarity, clear skies

unify mankind


Give me a sunrise

our hope will shine through

our hope will shine through

our dreams will come true.


©Jacqui Slade