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Zigzy Art

I am starting my own business very soon, selling my artwork and other creations.

I am nervous about doing this and am a bit apprehensive but if I don’t it I will have wasted my life dreaming and will regret not trying.

I hope that people will like and follow my Facebook page and also my new WordPress blog for my business as the more reach I get the more chance I have of making a couple of sales.  

I will be happy to ship globally.

Please support my new venture and new chapter of my life. 

I Am Red

I am a flaming rose

untamed. My heart blossoms,

flowering with love. It’s

soft yet exquisitely

thorny. Amorous it

may be in its spirit


and perhaps beauty

in kind, but it’s not

created with weak

crimson petals. Not

a flimsy female.



it’s strength sturdy,

in a trailing

army of thorns


that prickle

if given

reason to.


I am

a red




©Jacqui Slade

Ghost Love 

You came to me in reverie

my love. A cherished memory,

I’ve visited your grave virtually

and last night you were here with me.


In my slumber resurrected,

with your presence. I’m protected

from my worries my spirit love

with your guidance from above.


You walked beside me for a while,

it was heavenly to see your smile.

Our hearts once more in dalliance

in your ghostly tarriance.


In the morning when I woke,

I thought of you and my heart broke.

For though you are long gone from me,

true love lasts for eternity.


©Jacqui Slade

Football Feasts 

Football feasts on the ego of

a multi million pound kick,

married to their own adoration

and a designer leather face.


Football feasts on thuggery and

the terraced baritone chanting.

Comradely resulting in

scores of hard masculine bigots.


Football feasts on racist banter.

Colours are strips of hatred for

the homophobic because the

game is just for real men only.


Football feasts on alcoholic

violence and the beaten wives

of the fanatical bullies

who rage for their team of losers.


©Jacqui Slade

These Boots Have Taken Me 

I have traipsed through judgment

on a sodden journey.

Its idle opinion

has followed me wearing


ill fitting shoes. It’s tried

blistering my soul as

it’s strutted on its own

path and mine is unknown.


Ignorantly it wades

in its hatred my strength.

Never will it repress

as gossips live in ruts.


These boots have taken me

through a hard life lesson.

I walk confidently

as I trample on their scorn.


©Jacqui Slade

Shades Of Orange 

Dawns rise with zest. Their

orange skies fruitful for life.

Peeling beginnings.


©Jacqui Slade

From A Crows Eye

Fate traverses through the air

on wings of an avian

conjurer, wearing a cape

of sleek ebony feathers.


Fluttering with predictions

metamorphic changes are

foretold in the silken swoop

of the magicians plumage.


Fortunes circumnavigate,

prophesies are cawed. Fearful

souls apprehend doom, the birds

divination is pecked.


Messengers of creation,

obsidian couriers.

Destiny resides in the

reflection from a crows eye.


©Jacqui Slade