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Life is a relentless

rotation of seasons

and people. Its mood swings.

We’re all temporary.


©Jacqui Slade 


Some Good News

Silver shimmers of light

lining dark nebula,

are shiny glimmers of

hope. Grey skies quilted with

sterling convey a bright

celestial message


that everything will

be alright. Clouds will

evaporate and

the sun will shine

not obscured, once more.


Forecasts change as

the days rotate.

The yin and yang

of life dictates.


Always look

for rainbows,

their spectrums



some good




©Jacqui Slade

Blue Skies 

Brilliantly dreams fly, hope shineS. 

Leaving behind the obscure darK,

Unscrupulous in antI

Elation and embedding bluE

Shadows of pitiful SorrowS.

Kaleidoscopic moods climB

Instincts wistful in survivaL

Exchanging happiness in lieU

Skies clear in ever changing huE.

©Jacqui Slade