A long white stretching corridor

is where I find myself walking.

I’ve been here before semi-conscious.

Clamming in fear every time as

The presence surrounds me crushing.

I try to flee with lead legs and

silver beads fall from my head, as

motion slow I try to make it

to the door. Panic urging me

to escape the faceless ghosts as

curtains blow somewhere I need to

return to. Confounded my hand

on the handle I look back eyes

wide and open the door only

to not know, which way to go. Sobbing

staircases coiling to some place

escaping. Each stair I tread on

I feel it coming ever closer.

Desperately reaching the top to

find more doors to open in dread.

Certain I will evermore be

lost here searching for a way out.

Despondent and reckless I run

trying each door in futile hope.

Until guided by an angel

that I cannot see, I find my

way back to sanity through

a doorway that I shut firmly.

With sheets crumpled and matted hair

I dream now of much sweeter things.

©Jacqui Slade03


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