It’s Not My Fault You’re Insecure 

It’s not my fault you’re insecure,

your jealousy’s got out of hand.

I just don’t like you anymore

because you’ll never understand


that you despise my honesty,

to your own faults you’re always blind.

Ever attention longingly

unceasingly you seek to find.


Perhaps you’ve been devoid of love

as you strive hard to be adored.

But then you give people a shove,

you’re dropping them when you get bored.


Problems are blamed on those you use

to boost your ego for a while,

constantly others are miscued

always the victim you’re reviled.


The truth is that you’re just the same

as the souls that you criticise,

so take your selfish blinkers off

as ignorance is never wise.


©Jacqui Slade


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