Fought for,

Killed for,

Suffered for,

Worked for,

Lived for

and without it

you die – over a

piece of paper

or a little metal disc.

Man made concepts

that you exchange

for some food

and a bit of warmth.

But soon to become obsolete

like everything else

in the future technologies

and the fables will tell

of its existence.

Think of a time not that long past

like when people were

paid cash in a small brown envelope

at the end of the working week

every Friday.

Seems so long ago,

and that’s the way it goes

with evolution.

The interest is growing

from the powers that be

in their advancing technology,

of the lives of you and me.

And so our souls will be leased

for eternity


with microchips


the all prying eyes will see,

what you had for tea

if you’re eating healthily

a diet they would approve of.

The books that you read

your preference in movies,

exercise at your leisure

the true cost of advancements,

and your activity will be

paid for

by retinas

and fingerprints,

Computerised compliance

for acceptance.

Tales will tell of

silver once crossing

the palms of new born babes

and the loose change given

to some poor homeless guy

out on the streets

to buy a nice hot cup of tea,

and generations to come

will be in awe of our humanity

and think it rather odd

that we would gift or lend

pieces of paper and

circles of bronze

to friends and family

if they were in need

not understanding

a sense of charity.

They’ll be on a equal footing

in some god forsaken poverty

where they’re all redundant

to machines

Survival of the fittest

paying for existence

spirits traded

in a robotic commerce.

©Jacqui Slade